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High Voltage (HV) Systems – We provide a full range of on-site high voltage installations, which will be tailored to the size and requirements of the project.

Low Voltage Distribution Systems – Mains and Sub-Distribution Assemblies range from 100Amp to 2500Amp and can be installed with timeclock controlled distribution boards to enable switchable lighting systems to be managed remotely.

110v Power –10kVA standard transformer and slim-line transformers can be installed to provide 110v power to operatives on site.  Transformers can also contain socket outlets to reduce trailing leads in access routes.

110v Lighting –10kVA lighting transformers and 110v 2ft Light-Emitting Diode (LED) light fittings can be installed throughout the site, to provide a well-lit and safe working environment.


Lighting will be installed to industry standards with emergency lights fitted to all access routes. All lighting installations have various control methods. Alternative lighting options include smart lighting, bulkheads and festoon lighting, which can be explored during the design stage of our appointment. 

Floodlighting –110v, 230v, LED or metal halide type floodlights, can be installed internally or externally to increase visibility where required. 

Hoarding Lights – 110V LED Bulkhead lights with a maintained battery backup, can be installed and specified to your local council's requirements.


We install site-wide temporary water supplies and drainage including supplies to the welfare and accommodation units. All plumbing installation will be tested and chlorinated prior to use by the site personnel. 

Plumbing Services:

  • Site & Welfare Water Supplies

  • Bib taps / Hire Rise Water Supply

  • Boosted Water Systems

  • Pumped Waste Systems

  • Trace Heating

  • Rainwater Harvesting

  • Ventilation

  • Air-Conditioning

  • Standpipes

  • Silo's

  • Wheel Washing

  • Dust suppression 


Hard wired or wireless evacuation alarms can be installed to ensure the safety of the site, which is essential to fulfilling the legal and insurance obligations of the project. The system can be customized to the site requirements and can be installed for internal or external use.


Typical installations may include:

  • Bells

  • Manual Call Points

  • Howler Alarms

  • Heat Detectors

  • Smoke Detectors


It may be a requirement to install generators for power during the initial stages of the project. We can offer a wide range of standby generators and back-up systems to ensure there is no loss of power and works can proceed pending installation of the projects temporary building supply.


Our appointment includes asset/system management and maintenance of plant and associated equipment, which also incorporates the provision of 24/7 support. 

All of our electrical installations will be tested in accordance with the Electricity at Works Regulations. We also carry out NICEIC testing at 3 monthly intervals and portable appliance testing (PAT Testing) to site welfare equipment and power tools.


Meters can be installed in the mains and sub-distribution units to allow the client to review the electrical consumption of the project during the construction phase. Wireless meters allow consumption to be viewed live via remote access to the meters.

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